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WORLDWIDE GEMS LTD.   welcomes you to our website.  We are gemstone specialists wholesaling to the jewellery trade and have available gemstones of many different types and grades.  We can also supply gem faceting rough, crystals and mineral specimens for metaphysical use and collectors.  Cut and polished gemstones are available to our trade customers only.  If you require these gems but are not in the jewellery trade we can refer you to one of our jeweller partners who will be able to assist you.

Please note that to gain access to our gemstone prices, availability as well as the closeouts and specials portion of our web site you need to be registered with us and have a USER ID and PASSWORD.


Please  e-mail us to get this arranged  info@worldwidegems.co.nz


Our Goals....simple, uncomplicated and professional...just like us!

Provide you with a great selection of gemstones of differing grades and qualities at a fair price.

Provide our customers a fast online ordering alternative.....available to you 24-7 and streamlined to allow the following  payment options:

  •  Direct Credit to our Bank Account (New Zealand customers only)
  •  Paypal for International Orders (contact us first so that we can arrange shipping options) 

  • IMPORTANT NOTE:   We are now in retirement mode and want to sell down our remaining stock as soon as possible.  In order to thank our customers and to  facilitate selling down our stock, we will be selling all remaining stock at our cost price.   Minimum order has been raised to $200 (after discounting to cost), to reflect selling at cost.  Order online as usual and we will email you back with the revised invoice showing this reduced price.  The goods will be sent out when the direct credit has been received. (monthly credit accounts are no longer available).  Thanks for your co-operation.

Company Profile:

30 plus years in the gemstone business.... 10 years in the USA...... now based in New Zealand for the last 23 years. we offer:

  •  Quantity pricing options...one piece, five, ten or hundreds..buy in quantity and save... or just order what you need.

  •  Largest colored stone selection in New Zealand.

  •  We are a wholesaler......that means we sell cut and polished gemstones to the jewellery trade only. 

  •  Rough gem crystals and specimens are available to collectors, faceting  enthusiasts and those of you interested in the metaphysical aspect of gems however.

  •  Extensive and in depth knowledge of the the Gem and Jewellery industry.  We are professionals in what we do and how we operate.

  •  Experienced in all aspects of jewellery manufacturing, retailing, wholesaling, stone setting, stone repair and recutting.

  •  Experienced in purchasing and processing rough gem materials and extensive international travel to major gem-trading centres.

  •  Certified gemologist (F.G.A).  Coloured stone consultant to JASNZ).  

Contact Information

Postal address:  P.O. Box 14763, Kilbirnie, Wellington, New Zealand 6241
E-mail:  General Information: info@worldwidegems.co.nz

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